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Free and paid access

Depending on the features selected and the size of the competition, a paid plan may apply. If the contest is small (the number of comments/likes/participants is less than specified in the tariffs) and paid features are not used, then the contest can be launched for free.

Up-to-date information about rates can be found by clicking the "Tariffs" button at the top of the site or in the navigation block between steps.

If the contest requires a paid rate, an orange "Pay" button will appear. In the payment window there is a block “Paid features are used:”, which lists the features that require payment.

Payment is made for a specific post or a bunch of posts, or for a profile (if the winner is selected among all subscribers; access for 72 hours).

If you paid and the program still requires payment, try refreshing the page. Make sure that the payment was successful, that the selected tariff corresponds to the functions used and that there is no need for a tariff with large limits. If this does not help, contact support via chat/email (attach a link to your contest on Instagram).