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Tutorial: How to run the contest on Instagram?

Frequently Asked Questions:

I paid but the program asks for payment!?

Try refreshing the page. The payment status may not have been loaded. Make sure that the payment was successful, there were no errors and you paid for the post or a bunch of posts that you are requesting now. If the problem persists, contact support.

How is my payment fixed? I didn't register and didn't log in to the site.

There is no personal account on the site. Payment is attached to the link to your post. The contest can be opened and run from any device, just insert a link to the post. If you are afraid that someone will upload the collected data, archive the contest post, or write to support, we will remove the payment from this post.

How to test the service?

If you want to test the service, but the program immediately asks you to pay for access (although no functions are selected), this means that you have a big competition (in terms of the number of comments, likes, participants). You can take any other post with less than 200 comments or less than 50 likes (if the draw is based on likes) and test it.

The program every run shows the same winners!?

Please read the information under the button to start the draw, or the instruction about the 5th step. The service selects new winners only when the conditions and balance have changed and the selected results have become irrelevant (new participants, comments, likes have appeared).

Does not show images of posts, profiles!

Instagram is very careful about all its data and therefore links to images may become outdated. Accordingly, the images are no longer displayed. In addition to your convenience, this does not affect the operation of the service.