Select winners

Step 4. Collect comments/likes and identify participants

At step 4, comments/likes are collected (depending on what you specified in the first step - where do you get the participant base from). The maximum number of comments / likes that the program collects is 30,000 pcs. The collection speed is about 3500 per minute, but it depends on the speed of the Internet, the work of Instagram and the workload of the service.

It is important to understand that the actual number of likes or comments on the Instagram website may differ from those indicated on the counter under the post. Accordingly, any deviations in the amount of data collected are the fault of Insragram. You can see this on the chart: how much is collected, how much should be, how much Instagram has hidden. Most often, the deviation occurs with a large number of comments / likes and can reach 70-80%. At the same time, the resources spent by the program on collecting do not decrease.

After collecting the data, a section with a list of participants, statistics and Excel upload will appear. Depending on the type of competition (1 step), the data is different.

List of participants

To view the collected participants, click on the “List of Participants” button.

There you can see the comments of each participant (click on the comment icon) and the number of mentions (different types, hover over the icon to see more).

If a filter for mentions of friends is set in step 3, then the list will be shown with this filter.

You can go to a participant's profile on Instagram by clicking on their avatar or name.

History of adding comments

The graph shows changes/dynamics in the number of mentions, new comments, new participants over time. It will be useful for assessing the growth of participants / activity after advertising, reminders of the contest in stories and in other cases.

Uploading data to an Excel file

You can download the file with the collected data for independent processing and analysis. Depending on the selected contest type in the first step, the file contains:

1) for the comment contest:
- list of participants (Instagram ID, Username, Full name, Number of comments, Mentions, Mentions (unique throughout the post), Mentioned left a comment, Mentioned became members)
- comments (Instagram ID, Username, Full name, Comment ID, Date, Comment text).

2) for the like contest: list of participants = who liked the post (Instagram ID, Username, Full name, Profile privacy status).

3) there is no Excel upload for the competition among subscribers.

Data on the presence of likes, subscriptions, stories, etc. will not be in the table, because these checks occur at the time of choosing the winner for a particular applicant.

Excel upload is only available on paid plans.