Select winners

Step 5. Contest Winners Selection

To select winners, enter the total number of winners in the contest and click the "Select Winners" button.

How does the program choose the winner?

If at step 3 you set up a subscription check, a like check, a profile privacy check, or a repost check in a story or feed, these checks will take place right now. The checks may take some time. The more sponsors, posts to check likes, winners and participants “worse” followed the rules of the contest, the longer it will take to select the winners.

For the rules "check subscription", "check like", "repost to the feed" and "only open profile", the system will automatically iterate through the participants until it finds the one who has met all the specified conditions.

If the program did not find the repost in stories (see the reasons earlier in the instructions), or the participant did not follow other rules, you can replace it manually by clicking on the button in the winner's card.

The cards of the selected winners will show a random comment (if the competition is based on comments), a button to view all the comments left by the participants, and a button to replace the winner with another one.

After the winner is re-selected, the card will show the new winner and the one that was replaced.

Reselection of winners. Test in advance.

Winners who pass all the checks are saved for 6 hours. If the essential conditions change (the rules change (step 3), the number of participants / likes / comments changes), then the random selection of winners will happen again.

Accordingly, if you chose the winners, and then entered the program again and you were shown the previously selected winners, then the program did not find a reason to choose new winners, since the chances of winning and the conditions of the competition have not changed.

If you want to test the program in advance, feel free to test it now. Even if nothing changes in the competition and the program shows already selected winners, there is no problem in this. Nothing has been updated in the contest, which means that the selected winners are up-to-date and everything is fair.

Visually, the selection of new winners and the display of previously selected ones differ only in the absence of a delay to check the conditions.