Select winners

Step 2. Finding Contest Posts or Profiles

Depending on the selected type of contest at the first step (among comments, likes or all subscribers), at the second step you need to select the contest posts or profile.

To do this, enter a link to a post, a link to a profile, or just your username in the search field.

Where can I get a link to the post?

Copy the link to your contest post on Instagram. On a computer, you can do this in the browser's address bar ( /***/). In the Instagram app, you need to click the 3 dots at the top of the post and select the "Link" menu item.

Username instead of a link

Instead of a link, you can enter the username of your profile (for example, verify.share or @verify.share), or a link to it ( ). Your latest posts (Feed, Reels) will be uploaded, from which you can choose a contest post.

To update the temporarily stored data (cache) with posts in your profile, click on the update icon (to the right of username, in the profile view window).

Multi-post contest

Our service can collect a database of participants from several posts. For example, if you and your partner launched a contest, you both created a contest post and your audience under these two posts (comment or like to participate). VerifyShare can combine the audience of these posts into one database. Adding multiple posts is only necessary to collect participants from different sources (checking likes and so on does not require adding multiple posts).

The function is available only on the Maximum tariff. First you need to add all the necessary posts, and then pay. Payment is for a bunch of posts, adding or deleting posts after payment is not available.

Accounts must be public

The service works only with public accounts (not private).

If the post link is long (for example,аfcsfst), then your account was probably private when you copied the link.

Open an account while working with the service, copy the link again and find the post. The new link should be short: 10-11 LETTERS/