Select winners

Step 3. Rules for your Instagram Contest

At this step, you need to configure which competition rules the program should automatically check.

Depending on the type chosen at the first step, the list of checked rules differs.

Сhances of winning the competition.

We can specify what will affect the chances of winning when a winner is randomly selected.

For example, if you have a comment feed in front of you, in which there are 10 comments from one participant and 1 from another. If you choose the winner with your eyes closed, then the one who left 10 comments has a much better chance of winning.

There are 3 options available:

  • Chances between participants are equal. All participants have the same chance of winning, the number of comments or mentions does not affect.
  • More comments - more chances. The winner is chosen at random, but the chances of winning depend on the number of comments. This variant of the chance to win is equivalent to the usual random selection of a comment.
    Please note that some members may spam a lot. And the usefulness of these actions for your post and account is doubtful for us.
    P.S. It should be understood that this condition does not exclude the winning of the participant who left much fewer comments than other participants.
  • More mentions of friends - more chances. Similar to the previous option, but with the number of mentions. We count only unique (not repeated) mentions of friends.

Checking friend mentions in comments

If, according to the rules of the contest, the participants were to mention their friends, VerifyShare can count the number of mentions and check their "honesty". Some participants spam, completely copy other participants' comments above, and re-mention marked profiles in the hope of deceiving the organizer and increasing their chances of winning. For you, the greatest coverage and efficiency is important. Our service filters various repetitions and considers only “clean” mentions.

Enter the minimum number of friends that the participants had to mention.

Then choose what the friend mentions should be:

  1. No repeats for the member (default). If the member mentions a friend multiple times, only one mention will be counted.
  2. Unique within the post. If, for example, two participants mentioned the same person, the mention will be counted only to the first one. This way you will be sure that the participants did not copy the mentions above in the comment feed.
  3. The mentioned friends must leave a comment. You can complicate the rules of the contest so that participants invite their friends to the contest.
  4. The mentioned friends must become a participant in the contest.

The last two options complicate the conditions for participation in the competition. But with the complication of the rules, the quality of the competition increases. Members will not mention random profiles, stars, or other third-party accounts. The effectiveness of the competition will increase, but most likely the number of participants will be less.

Checking the subscription of participants to your account and partners' accounts

You can set a subscription check for your profile or partner profiles.

Subscription is checked at the time of choosing the winners.

To add an account to the list, you must enter the username of the user or a link to it. Profiles must be opened by privacy settings.

If there were mentions of partners in the post description (via @), then quick add links will be displayed under the input field. But we recommend that you make sure that the usernames are recognized correctly by the program.

  • On the "Free" tariff, only one profile can be checked.
  • On the "Basic" tariff, you can check the subscription for several profiles (from 1 to 5 profiles inclusive).
  • On the "Pro" tariff from 1 to 15 profiles inclusive.
  • On the "Maximum" tariff from 1 to 25 profiles inclusive.

Checking for Likes

Our service can check the likes of participants under Instagram posts.

Click the “Select posts" button to select posts from your feed, under which participants should have left a like.

If there is a contest with several posts from different accounts, posts can be selected from all accounts used.

If you need to check the likes under any third-party post (any other account), specify them through “Add posts by link”.

  • On the "Free" tariff, you can check likes for only one post.
  • On the "Basic" tariff, you can check likes on several posts (from 1 to 5 posts inclusive).
  • On the "Pro" tariff from 1 to 15 posts inclusive.
  • On the "Maximum" tariff from 1 to 25 posts inclusive.

Adding a post via a link is available on the “Pro” and “Maximum” tariffs.

Checking repost in Stories

Checking the repost in stories is technically possible only if the winner has an open profile, the story is active now (24 hours), or saved in the profile (any album). The program will count the repost in which there is a mention of your account (@username) or a link to the contest post (repost through the airplane). In the case of working with several posts, at least one organizer or post must be mentioned.

If the system does not find stories, you need to check for availability manually. To do this, go to direct in the application or on the website ( and find a chat with the winner.

Unfortunately, on the Instagram website there is no search among messages, only in the application, but you can go to the winner's profile, subscribe to it, then the "send message" button will appear to go to the chat. In the chat with the winner, there should be a message that the user mentioned you in their stories. Check the time that the message arrived after the start of the draw. If there are no such messages in the chat with the winner, then the participant did not fulfill the condition - replace him.

Please note that a notification about stories comes to direct only if your account was mentioned via @. When reposting via airplane, notifications are not sent.

This feature is paid. Minimum "Basic" tariff.

Checking the repost to the participant's feed

Only the text component of the repost is checked. In the filter, you must enter a list of words that should be contained in the winner's repost. Only the last 12 posts of his feed are checked. To pass the test, the participant must have any word from the list.

This feature is paid. Minimum "Basic" tariff.

Only public profile.

The winner's profile must be opened by the Privacy settings. Checked at the time of determining the winners. If you want to check reposts in stories/feed, then this rule is mandatory.

This feature is paid. Minimum "Basic" tariff.